What Is A Rip Off

A real “rip-off” is a client that bad mouths you on the internet for performing work as instructed. When receiving the client’s request to filed a trademark, the only preliminary search Lehman, Lee & Xu can perform is a search of previously registered Trademarks, along with a review of relevant laws and prohibitions on items and materials that are not allowed to be trademarked.

If there is no clearly similar previously existing mark, we can file for registration. Registration sometimes takes a long time. China is a developing country; procedures are not standardized, though the China Trademark Office has come a long way since 2011.

In the end, the reviewing officer has final say as to whether a mark is registered or not. As with most bureaucratic positions in China, the officer is free to make a certain decision or any reason, or no reason. This is simply how China’s official government apparatus operates.

For our part, we are trademark professionals, who get paid to file trademarks. We can make no guarantee as to final registration. Our clients know this upon engagement. Some clients may get frustrated and take to venting on the internet. We cannot stop them anymore than we can tell the officer at the Trademarks office to approve our client’s trademark pretty please.